Fundamentals of Developing with LogicBlox

Ready to take LogicBlox and LogiQL development another step further? Learn more in depth how to construct more complex queries, projects, and build web services.

Introduction to the Measure Service with CubiQL

This tutorial is a hands-on introduction to the basic concepts of OLAP (online analytical processing) as implemented in LogicBlox by the Measure Service. The focus is on CubiQL, the language that provides a high-level interface to the Measure Service

Developing Applications with LogicBlox Modeler

The Modeler framework is part of the LogicBlox platform and provides a set of declaratively configured UI components for analytical and planning applications. Learn how to use this set of tools to rapidly develop data-intensive applications on LogicBlox

Tutorial Blog Posts

Want to learn more? You will find detailed tutorials on various aspects of LogicBlox application development on our blog.

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