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The Web-based REPL is for educational use only. Do not store any private data in your workspace as this data may be visible to others.  We reserve the right to delete data and to suspend access to the REPL at any time.  By using the REPL, you are agreeing to the terms of our REPL evaluation license.

What should I do here?

Not sure what to do with this playground because you’re new to LogicBlox? Go through our LogiQL in 30 minutes tutorial!

How it works

The LogicBlox workspace enables you to dabble with LogicBlox without installing it locally. It’s great for throw away experimentation. You can enter LogicBlox commands and instantly see their results. To get a list of supported commands, enter “help” and press enter. To activate code completion press Tab.

Every time you open this page, you get assigned a new, clean workspace. Workspaces are cleaned automatically every night. Want to keep your work? Use the “Save” button to download the workspace files and use the “Rest” button to import that file later.

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