Smart as in smartphone [unified model]

The smartphone unleashed unprecedented innovation in consumer apps by delivering a unified technology foundation. The LogicBlox smart database drives innovation by bringing together transactions and analytics, data and business logic, and sophisticated planning and analytics, in real-time, to next-generation business applications.

Say what you want, not how to do it [declarative modeling]

With spreadsheets, users describe models in formulas, and everything is computed automatically. LogicBlox likewise makes all users more productive; our declarative programs are models, and hence shorter and easier to write, test and verify. Domain experts and business people who aren’t (and don’t want to be) programmers can also effectively automate their decision-making.

Brains before brawn [high performance]

Most solutions rely on brute force for sophisticated analyses – in-memory, where speed comes at the price of expensive memory, or massive distribution (for example, Hadoop), where scale comes at the expense of speed. LogicBlox’s patent-pending technology relies instead on better algorithms, optimization, concurrency, and maintenance strategies. Brute force, by the way, is still there when and if you truly need it.

Built-in smarts [predictive and prescriptive analytics]

LogicBlox is not limited to simple analytics – highly-scalable machine learning, linear programming, quadratic and quadratically constrained integer programming, and mixed integer programming, are all built-in. Also, LogicBlox models are written and run in the same environment – no more building models in one tool and then translating models into code to run in a different technology stack.

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