Download LogicBlox 4.41.0

Get the latest version of LogicBlox for Linux and macOS.

LogicBlox 4.41 release notes

System requirements:

  • CPU compatible with the Core i7 architecture
  • 64-bit Linux / Apple macOS 10.10+ (supported for local development)
  • Java Runtime Environment 11
  • Python 3.5 through 3.8.10 have been tested with LogicBlox.

LogicBlox downloads are only available for registered LogicBlox users.

Notice for macOS 10.15 Catalina users

LogicBlox builds are not signed with an Apple developer certificate. This may result in error messages stating that LogicBlox originates from an “unidentified developer”. To ensure the LogicBlox services will run on your system, apply the following command on the distribution tarball you downloaded from this website:

$ xattr -d logicblox-osx-<VERSION>.tar.gz

Additionally, LogicBlox services will not function correctly when using a signed/notarized Java Runtime Environment. For instance, AdoptOpenJDK version 11.0.6 is the latest version that works with LogicBlox without causing signing issues.

For more information about running apps from an unidentified developer, see Apple’s macOS User Guide.

Quick Installation Guide

Download the LogicBlox installation package for your Linux or macOS from this page. Extract the tarball into a directory, which we refer to as LOGICBLOX_HOME and run the following commands:

$ source <LOGICBLOX_HOME>/etc/profile.d/
$ source <LOGICBLOX_HOME>/etc/bash_completion.d/

These scripts automatically set all the necessary environment variables (please be aware that this script only works if you use bash as your shell) . You might want to add this command to your .bashrc.

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