Download LogicBlox 4.8.1

Get the latest version of LogicBlox for Linux and macOS.

LogicBlox 4.8 release notes

System requirements:

  • CPU compatible with the Core i7 architecture
  • 64-bit Linux / Apple macOS 10.10+ (supported for local development)
  • Java Runtime Environment 8, update 101 or higher
  • Python 2.7 or higher

LogicBlox downloads are only available for registered LogicBlox users.

Quick Installation Guide

Download the LogicBlox installation package for your Linux or macOS from this page. Extract the tarball into a directory, which we refer to as LOGICBLOX_HOME and run the following commands:

$ source <LOGICBLOX_HOME>/etc/profile.d/
$ source <LOGICBLOX_HOME>/etc/bash_completion.d/

These scripts automatically set all the necessary environment variables (please be aware that this script only works if you use bash as your shell) . You might want to add this command to your .bashrc.

Running LogicBlox in a virtual machine

Are you using an unsupported platform such as Microsoft Windows, or do you rather run LogicBlox in a virtual machine? Use Vagrant to easily configure and provision a LogicBlox development environment in a virtual machine.

Setup your virtual machine by following these steps:

  • Download and install the latest versions of Vagrant (management tool for virtual machines) and VirtualBox (virtualization tool for running virtual machines) for your platform.
  • Download and unzip the Vagrantfile in a directory of your choice, we’ll refer to this directory as <VAGRANT_HOME>.
  • Download the latest version of LogicBlox for the Linux platform on this page. Copy the tarball to your <VAGRANT_HOME> directory. It will be used to provision your LogicBlox environment.
  • Run the following commands to create, start and provision your virtual machine:
    $ cd <VAGRANT_HOME>
    $ vagrant up
  • Run the following commands to login (SSH) to your virtual machine:
    $ cd <VAGRANT_HOME>
    $ vagrant ssh

Please refer to the Vagrant documentation for more information about using Vagrant.

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