LogicBlox 4.3.3

Release Date: October 5th 2015

What's New

  • The lb branch command now takes an optional --overwrite parameter to replace an earlier existing branch. Please refer to the Reference Manual for an overview of all the commands to query and manipulate branches.
LogiQL Language
  • The running total aggregation now provides a mechanism to reset the accumulated total at a specific point in time. Resets can be used, for example, to reset the accumulated total at the beginning of each month. Please refer to the Reference Manual for the details on how to use this feature and extensive examples.
Measure Service

  • Protobuf interface changes:
    • A MeasureExpr can now be defined by a textual CubiQL, using its new str field. This deprecates all other string f ileds for textual CubiQL expressions throughout the protocol.
    • New MAX binary operator; an outer MAX operator is definable as (max(E1,E2) ++ E1 ++ E2).
  • New EditabilityRequest / EditabilityResponse message pair for information about which visible metrics can be still be edited given a set of current edits.
  • Protobuf messages are now validated for structural constraints, with warnings and errors being reported in request responses.
  • Union expressions (CompositeExpr of UNION kind) are now set-valued.
  • The REPL now supports multi-line commands.

modeler-js User Interface Components

modeler-js is a set of components that can be used to declaratively configure HTML5 user interfaces for LogicBlox applications. This first release of modeler-js includes the following components:

  • Pivot table: a component that supports the reading and writing of measure data in a pivot table interface. Data can be displayed at arbitrary levels of aggregation, filtered and/or sorted by level members or measure values.
  • Schema browser: a component that supports browsing and searching of measures, dimensions, hierarchies, and levels, configured using the Measure Service metamodel. The schema browser interacts with the pivot table component, allowing measures and levels to be dragged drom the browser and placed onto the pivot table component for display.

In addition to UI components, modeler-js also includes two set of tools that support the configuration and upgrade of application data models:

  • Applications data model can be configured using a set of csv files. These files are then translated into configurations in the Measure Service metamodel, as well as the modeler-js component metamodel.
  • LogicBlox 3.x Blade applications can use the included blade_to_4x.py to upgrade an existing Blade configuration, partially automatically. The data model and display properties of measures, dimensions, hierarchies, and levels can be upgraded autamotically. The view configurations must be manually upgraded from UISL to the modeler-js JSON configurations.

Corrected Issues

The issues listed below have been corrected since the 4.3.2 release.

  • If the path specified with libpath option to the lb addproject command had an empty string, it expanded to CWD where services were started. This could lead to search of unintended directories and in some cases failure to open file.
  • For data exports using file predicates or TDX, some I/O errors were not detected, this led to truncated exports in some cases. This has been corrected.
  • Resolved an issue where the deletion of a workspace would not terminate under certain circumstances.
  • Various measure service related bugfixes and adjusted optimization rewrites.

Installation and Upgrade information

Installation Instructions

Installing LogicBlox 4.3.3 is as simple as following the steps outlined below:

  1. Download the installation package.
  2. Extract the tarball in <YourPreferredInstallDirectory>
  3. Run the following command:
    source <YourPreferredInstallDirectory>/logicblox-4.3.3/etc/profile.d/logicblox.sh
    NOTE: this script will set all the necessary environment variables. You might want to add this command to your .bashrc.

Depreacted Features

Measure Service Protobuf interface changes:

  • String references to LogiQL predicates are deprecated in favor of the Predicate message.
  • ExprSubst should now be backed by a MeasureExpr. Use of Predicate for this purpose is now deprecated.
  • ADD_OUTER operator has been deprecated. Instead of E1 +_outer E2, use (E1 + E2) ++ E1 ++ E2.
  • Binding has been removed; use ExprSubst instead.
  • is_disjunctive_view annotation on Predicate has been removed.
  • ParamTerm has been removed; instead, use ParamExpr defined on the top intersection.
  • ParamBinding has been removed; instead, use RelationBinding at the top intersection.
  • EmptyExpr has been removed; use LiteralExpr with empty data content.
  • Numeric conversion operators (e.g., INT_TO_FLOAT) have been removed; use CastExpr instead.

Release Information

Server requirements
Operating System: 64 bit Linux; OSX 10.10+ is supported for local development.
Java Runtime Environment 7, update 11 or higher
Python 2.7 or higher
Client requirements
Applications using modeler-js User Interface Components: Google Chrome
Requirements for applications using non-modeler-js components may vary per application.