LogicBlox 4.19.1

Release Date: January 9, 2020

Corrected Issues

The issues listed below have been corrected since the 4.19.0 release:

  • Modeler
    • When the backend session expires while the logout timer is running in the Session Expired dialog in the user's browser, the user is now automatically logged out and routed to the login screen.

    • Resolved an issue where the measure service would not accept certain CubiQL expressions used as target locks.

    • Resolved an issue where Modeler would not render a navigation tree when the Modeler configuration allowUserDefinedSheets is set to false.

    • Fixed a bug in install_ui.py related to Python 3 which caused an issue when reading files containing special characters.

    • Revised and added a number of translations in the Spanish language file.

  • Tools, Database, and Services
    • Resolved a timeout issue with the lb.FilePoller workflow task with the match_all_patterns set to false.

  • Measure service
    • Fixed an issue that could occur when using refine in CubiQL expressions.

Known Issues

The issues listed below are known to exist in the 4.19.1 release.

  • Tools, Database, and Services
    • LogicBlox currently has issues running on Python 3.7 since it's not fully backward-compatible with Python 3.5. In some Python scripts bundled with this LogicBlox release, we have an argument called async which has become a reserved keyword in Python 3.7.

    • This release contains changes to some lb-workflow tasks related to workbook creation. These fixes have not been applied yet to lb.wb.CreateWorkbook, which means errors related to recent changes in the LB runtime that imposes restrictions on string lengths can still occur. Please note that this known issue does apply to lb.wb.util.CreateWorkbook.