LogicBlox 4.1.8

Release Date: March 2nd 2015

What's New

SAML Support

ServiceBlox now supports SAML 2.0 authentication. This capability allows LogicBlox applications to use a single identity provider, typically one indicated by the client, for authentication and user management. For information on how to configure SAML Authentication, please refer to the LogicBlox Administration Guide.


You can now configure the default commit mode in lb-server.config, both for all workspaces and for specific workspaces.

Example 3. lb-server.config

# Default transaction commit mode. Allowed values are "diskcommit"
# (the commit doesn't return until the transaction has been durably
# written to disk) and "softcommit" (the commit may return before the
# transaction has been written to disk, so in case of a crash the
# database may roll back to a previous version).

# It is possible to override [workspace] options for a specific
# workspace as follows:
# [workspace:foo]
# commit_mode=diskcommit


We have made significant performance improvements for transactions involving large numbers of blocks, such as those generated by the measure service.

Measure Service

  • Added support for the AMBIG aggregation type that yields a measure's unique value, if there is any.
  • The NAMED types in the metamodel are now exported together with their primitive backing type.

S3 Tools

We have made the following improvements to the S3 tools:

  • s3lib can now be distributed as an executable JAR.
  • Added new command s3tool version.
  • The s3lib-keygen script is replaced by by the s3tool keygen command, removing thereby the dependency on openssl.
  • Added checksum validation for single-part/multi-part uploads/downloads.
  • Added a new option --include-dirs to the s3tool ls command, to list all the objects and (first-level) directories that match the provided S3 URL prefix.
  • Added support for basic HTTP proxies.

Corrected Issues

The issues listed below have been corrected since the 4.1.7 release.

Measure Service

  • Improved the variable handling in measure language rules when there are multiple levels from the same dimension.
  • The Measure Service now handles measure language rules with cyclic dependencies between metrics.

Installation and Upgrade information

Installation Instructions

Installing LogicBlox 4.1.8 is as simple as following the steps outlined below:

  1. Download the installation package.
  2. Extract the tarball in <YourPreferredInstallDirectory>
  3. Run the following command:
    source <YourPreferredInstallDirectory>/logicblox-4.1.8/etc/profile.d/logicblox.sh
    NOTE: this script will set all the necessary environment variables. You might want to add this command to your .bashrc.

Release Information

Table 2. 

Server requirements
Operating System: 64 bit Linux or Mac OSX 10.9 or higher
Java Runtime Environment 1.7, update 11 or higher
Python 2.7 or higher