LogicBlox 4.11.2

Release Date: May 17, 2019

Corrected Issues

The issues listed below have been corrected since the 4.11.1 release:

  • Modeler
    • Fixed an issue where Modeler was unable to process certain edits on percent formatted measures.

    • Copy/paste for EU locale number formats ("." thousands separator, "," decimal separator) now works as expected for situations wherein the value copied does not have significant digits (integer) and does have significant digits.

Known Issues

The issues listed below are known to exist in the 4.11.2 release.

  • Tools, Database, and Services
    • This release contains changes to some lb-workflow tasks related to workbook creation. These fixes have not been applied yet to lb.wb.CreateWorkbook, which means errors related to recent changes in the LB runtime that imposes restrictions on string lengths can still occur. Please note that this known issue does apply to lb.wb.util.CreateWorkbook.