LogicBlox 4.0.4

Release Date: November 1st 2013

What's New

User-friendly Command-line Tools.  LogicBlox 4.0.4 includes a set of clean and intuitive commands for developing and managing the LogicBlox database and services. All things LogicBlox-related can be managed through one top level command, lb. The extensive help text that accompanies the lb command-line tool as well as tab-completion guide developers to the appropriate subcommands and options for their specific use cases. LogicBlox 4.0 Migration Guide provides detailed instructions on mapping old commands onto the new ones.

Decimal Built-ins.  We continue to mature the simplified numeric implementation by providing useful built-ins for the decimal type. LogicBlox 4.0.4 includes the following built-in's:

  • decimal:round
  • decimal:floor
  • decimal:abs
  • decimal:int:eq and int:decimal:eq
  • decimal:range

For a complete overview of all the built-ins supported in LogicBlox, please visit the Reference Manual.

Corrected Issues

The issues listed below have been corrected since the 4.0.3 release.

  • Resolved an issue where cross-origin resource sharing did not work on Chrome.
  • The ServiceBlox proxy service can now be configured in lb-web-server.config with regard to the HttpClient it uses. This was previously only applicable to the Global Protobuf Service. The following configuration options are available:
    • tcp_client_threads : Size of the thread pool for the HttpClient (shared among all clients).
    • tcp_timeout: Max time the whole exchange can take (in ms).
    • tcp_connect_timeout: Max time to wait when establishing a connection to the server (in ms).
    • tcp_idle_timeout: Max time in a connection without processing anything (in ms). Processing is defined to be "parsing or generating".
    • tcp_max_connections_per_address: Max number of connections the HttpClient can hold to an address.
  • Resolved an issue where lb unit returned an exit status of 0 when detecting a failing test. It now reports a non-zero status, so that the shell can catch the failing cases.
  • Improvements in compiler stability and error reporting, for numeric types, polymorphic atoms, and head existentials.

Installation and Upgrade information

Installing LogicBlox 4.0.4 is as simple as following the steps outlined below:

  1. Download the installation package
  2. Extract the tarball in <YourPreferredInstallDirectory>
  3. Run the following command:
    source <YourPreferredInstallDirectory>/logicblox-4.0.4/etc/profile.d/logicblox.sh
    NOTE: this script will set all the necessary environment variables. You might want to add this command to your .bashrc.

Release Information

Table 5. 

Server requirements
Operating System: 64 bit Linux
Java Runtime Environment 1.7, update 11 or higher
Python 2.6.4 or higher