LogicBlox, Inc.

The lb-workflow Samples Directory

Brief descriptions and pointers to the workflows implemented in the samples folder.

Sample workflows that show how to load workbook data, backup and then restore.

import "backup/wf/load.wf"
import "backup/wf/backup.wf"
import "backup/wf/restore.wf"

Examples of various ways to use lb.ExecuteLogiQL.

import "connectblox/wf/exec_logiql.wf"

Various combinations of parameter types, including how the main workflow can be parameterized.

import "param/wf/main.wf"

This sample shows how to use the PartitionCsv task to partition a local CSV file given a categorization map.

import "partition/wf/partition.wf"

Workflows to demonstrate the lb workflow purge command. The sample instantiates foo and bar twice each, and fail once. Then, the tests show how to purge instances in various ways. The workflows themselves are not very interesting (foo and bar just log messages; fail just fails).

import "purge/foo.wf"
import "purge/bar.wf"
import "purge/fail.wf"

Samples for the lb.string module.

import "string/wf/url.wf"

Simple examples of importing and exporting data with TDX.

import "tdx/wf/import.wf"
import "tdx/wf/export.wf"

Some variants of using the workbookutil workflows and services to instantiate workbook templates.

import "workbookutil/wf/create.wf"
import "workbookutil/wf/create2.wf"
import "workbookutil/wf/create3.wf"