Chapter 27. Configuration

ServiceBlox is the component that functions as the interface between the LogicBlox platform and other applications and users. Requests to the ServiceBlox components are often initiated from remote locations such as user's web browser. Not surprisingly, there are many configuration options to allow efficient and secure (remote) access. An introduction and detailed description of the service configurations are available in the LogicBlox Administration Guide. In particular, the guide explains general configurations and config files; various methods for authentication; the suggested authorization schemes; configurations for transport methods such as regular TCP connections or AWS queues; and other advanced topics. In the following text, we explain how to write and configure the core service logic. For service configuration, authentication, etc., the admin guide should be consulted.

27.1. Service Metadata

Service metadata can be retrieved using the metadata service, accessible at /meta. This service returns a list of services hosted an a given lb-web instance.