Chapter 2. Starting and Stopping the LogicBlox Services

Once the installation is completed, you are ready to use the LogicBlox services. These are:

The LogicBlox services can be started from the command line by typing:

$ lb services start 

The status of the LogicBlox services can be requested by typing:

$ lb services status 

And, finally, the services can be stopped again by the command:

$ lb services stop 

If you need to restart the services, you can simply run:

$ lb services restart 

For more information about lb see Chapter 35, LogicBlox Command Reference. An easy preliminary introduction to the most basic concepts can be found in Section 21.1.1, “The lb tool”, Section 21.1.2, “Workspaces” and Section 21.1.4, “Loading and executing logic”.

All errors are stored by default under $LB_DEPLOYMENT_HOME/logs/current/ (see Appendix C, Environment Variables). If you have problems starting the services, the log messages in that folder can help you to resolve the issue.