LogicBlox 4.4.6 Release

We’re happy to announce the availability of LogicBlox 4.4.6! LogicBlox 4.4.6 introduces the following enhancements:

The database includes parsing and formatting patterns for fractional seconds, support for generating UUID, improvements to the lb popcount and lb list commands as well as various stability improvements.

lb web-server includes a number of enhancements to TDX: improved expressivity in validation criteria for column data, the ability to integrate with the user permissions model and whitelisting predicates. Improvements to lb-web-client include full SSL support as well as support for Websockets.

The Measure Service is now more tightly integrated with lb-web’s authentication and offers a number of locking related enhancements as well as some performance optimizations.

For lb-workflow we are introducing support for JSON structured values as input to tasks, as well as support for automatic retries for failed tasks.

The release also comes with some exciting features for users of Modeler-js based applications, such as:

A complete overview of all the changes can be found in the release notes. We look forward to your questions and comments at product@logicblox.com.

We hope you will enjoy working with this release!


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