LogicBlox 4.4 available for download!

We’re happy to announce the availability of LogicBlox 4.4!

LogicBlox 4.4 introduces significant performance improvements to the database as well as tools:

  • The database incorporates the use of write-optimized data structures. Applications with workloads that have random update behavior should expect significant performance improvements.
  • IDB rules defining min/max aggregations should see much-improved performance during incremental maintenance.
  • TDX services that export default-valued predicates should see improved performance due to the omission of the default values in the exported files.
  • Installation time of large workflows has been improved.

LogicBlox 4.4 also introduces several exciting features for both end-users and developers:

  • Improvements to the lb extract-example command for isolating testcases from an existing database.
  • New options –estimate and –include-default for the lb popcount command.
  • New features for Modeler-js based applications, such as:
    • Support for form mode, as a new data rendering option.
    • A new tool bar to easily switch between the different view modes.
    • Ability to add level members directly from the grid.
    • Usability improvements that allow users to quickly change the axis configuration by being able to multi-select measures and levels to be placed on the view.

A complete overview of all the changes can be found in the release notes. We look forward to your questions and comments at product@logicblox.com.

We hope you will enjoy working with this release!

Feature video: Using the axis configuration panel in Modeler-js

Feature video: Adding new level members in Modeler-js

Feature video: Editing data with forms in Modeler-js


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