LogicBlox 4.1 Release

We’re very excited to announce the release version 4.1 of LogicBlox. LogicBlox 4.1 marks the first 4.x release that is feature compatible with LogicBlox 3.x for applications built on the service-oriented architecture. LogicBlox 4.1 includes full support for two of the most commonly used services:

  • Tabular data exchange (TDX)
  • Measure service

Tabular data exchange in 4.1 is now feature compatible with 3.x. Certain configuration differences exist. Please refer to the the LB4 migration guide for details.

Previous performance issues for the measure service have been addressed in this release, and it has at least comparable performance with LogicBlox 3.x, with more rigorous benchmarks forthcoming with the next releases.

For more details on what’s new see our release notes. You can download LogicBlox 4.1 from our releases page.


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