LogicBlox 4.0.2 and 3.10.5 Released

Hi all,

we’re happy to announce the availability of LogicBlox 4.0.2 and LogicBlox 3.10.5. Both releases are available from our release download page, where you can also find the release notes.

LogicBlox 4.0.2 includes a further clean up to the semantics of negated formulas. The compiler guarantees that negated formulas are translated in a way that respects the quantifiers of variables. In the case that a complex, negated formula cannot be evaluated natively by the runtime, or cannot be supported by the compiler with a rewrite, the formula will be rejected at compile time.

Other improvements include:

  • Added conversion function int:decimal:convert to allow conversion between two simplified numeric types introduced since 4.0.
  • Improvements to the optimizer that dramatically lowered the amount of memory consumption for small rules.
  • General stability improvements.

LogicBlox 3.10.5 includes a number of features that improve the usability, performance, and extensibility of ServiceBlox services. Furthermore, the release contains tools aimed at improving developer productivity throughout the stages of an application’s lifecycle. Some highlights of this release include:

  • Measure service response can now be retrieved through a delimited file format — a much more convenient format for many reporting UI’s, and a more scalable one for bigger data sets.
  • Measure service has also received major performance tuning, especially in supporting default values in aggregations.
  • Tabular Data Exchange services can be entirely configured through an HTTP request, allowing for easy addition or modification of service configurations.
  • Developers starting new projects can now start with base_project. base_project provides structure for necessary components of a LogicBlox project, as well as configurations for building, testing, and deploying the application.
  • The first release of the LogicBlox Application Console is available at https://console.logicblox.com.The console provides a graphical interface for inspecting the workspace content of live applications, without having to log onto the physical servers of these applications.

We hope that you will enjoy working with these releases!

The LogicBlox Team.


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