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Do you remember technical manuals stored in several three-ring binders precariously balanced on a shelf, collecting dust? We’re here to change that. We are spending a lot of time lately on improving and extending our platform documentation and have now added a new feature, that will help us to improve it even further! The webhelp version of the Core Reference Guide (the 3.10 as well as the 4.0 version) now contains a commenting form at the base of each HTML page and the LogicBlox platform team is listening in, waiting for your comments and questions!

We are using a global commenting system called Disqus, which you might be familiar with already from other websites/blogs. If you have a Disqus account already, you can use it to add comments, but we have also enabled guest-comments, if you don’t feel like signing up. Disqus also offers an RSS feed of all comments – see http://logicblox-crg-310.disqus.com/latest.rss (LogicBlox 3.10 Reference Manual) and http://logicblox-crg-40.disqus.com/latest.rss (LogicBlox 4.0 Reference Manual).

We hope that this new feature will open up conversation with our users and help in further improving our documentation. I also challenge you to find the typos in our documents and promise to deliver responsive documentation!

  1. Quincy Edwards 9 years ago

    Should the Disqus link in the second paragraph take me to a valid page? It current does not seem to do that.

  2. Author
    Lizi Vermaas-Viola 9 years ago

    Hi Quincy,

    that link should take you to the Disqus homepage. If you’d like to comment something in the Reference Manual, you can visit the webhelp version, e.g. this is the link to the 4.0 version:

    Please let me know if you have any more questions!

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