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Last month we introduced the downloadable VirtualBox Appliances to make getting started with LogicBlox easier. However, we even lower the barrier to entry a bit more. If you just want to dabble a bit with the LogicBlox interactive mode where you can enter LB commands such as “addblock”, “exec”, “list” and “print”, you now no longer have to download LB at all.

In cooperation with Cloud9 IDE, we developed the LB Playground, an in-browser REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) that allows you to play with a fresh LogicBlox workspace every time you load the page. We envision the Playground to be not only for beginners, but also as a lightweight place for experienced LB developers to try small programs. No serious applications should be built using the playground, because all workspaces are removed nightly.

However, if you would like to keep your work, use the “export” command to download it as a zip file. In a new playground workspace you can then import it again using the “import” command. Tell us what you think!


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