LogicBlox 4.0.1 and 3.10.4 Released

Hi all,

we’re happy to announce the availability of LogicBlox 4.0.1 and LogicBlox 3.10.4. Both releases are available from our release download page, where you can also find the release notes.

LogicBlox 4.0.1 introduces a set of drastically simplified numeric types: the types int, float, and decimal are to replace numeric types with explicit bit-widths (e.g. int[32]). While backward compatibility will be maintained, these new numeric types are preferred. We encourage all applications to start using them exclusively.

LogicBlox 3.10.4 introduces support for cross-origin resource sharing (CORS), secure and HttpOnly cookies and revised protocol definitions of the Measure Service.

We hope that you will enjoy working with these releases!

The LogicBlox Team.


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