LogicBlox 4.0.0 Released

Hi everyone,

we’re happy to announce the availability of LogicBlox 4.0.0, which is available from our release page, where you can find the release notes together with the 4.0 migration guide.

Executive Summary

LogicBlox 4.0 unveils the foundation for the LogicBlox Smart Database technology. The Smart Database delivers raw performance, a simplified programming model and reduced database administration overhead, together with full ACID-compliance.

  • Innovations in the core query evaluation algorithm and the concurrency model enable LogicBlox 4.0 to out-perform LogicBlox 3.x across a wide spectrum of query workloads (transactional, analytical, as well as graph). For certain query workloads, LogicBlox 4.0 out-competes industry leaders.
  • Innovations in query optimization and continued improvement in the programming model reduce the need for manual tuning of queries as well as the database. Preliminary benchmarks show that for natural queries — those that have not been hand-optimized by a human expert — LogicBlox 4.0 delivers query evaluation times that are competitive with the evaluation times of hand-optimized queries on LogicBlox 3.x.
  • Beyond full ACID-compliance, LogicBlox 4.0 delivers full serializability as the default isolation level, further relieving programmers from having to reconcile anomalies that may arise from weaker isolation levels.

LogicBlox 4.0 supports applications built using the ServiceBlox service-oriented architecture. Some modification of logic may be necessary. Please refer to the migration guide for details.

We hope that you will enjoy working with this release!

The LogicBlox Team.


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