LogicBlox 3.10.3 Released

Hi all,

we’re happy to announce the availability of LogicBlox 3.10.3, which is available from our release page, where you can also find the release notes, for a complete overview of all the changes.

Executive Summary

LogicBlox 3.10.3 includes new service options, as well as the the inclusion of several development tools and services as part of the official LogicBlox distribution and support:

  • RabbitMQ is included as a queue mechanism for BloxWeb services. For typical LogicBlox use cases, RabbitMQ offers more predictable behavior and performance gains over the existing SQS mechanism.
  • First officially supported release of Measure Service.
  • The LogicBlox build configuration tool lb-config (formerly known as buildlib).
  • s3tool, a high performance tool for uploading and downloading files to Amazon S3, is included the LogicBlox distribution.

We hope you will enjoy working with this release!

The LogicBlox Team.


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