LogicBlox 3.10.2 Released

Hi all,

we’re happy to announce the availability of LogicBlox 3.10.2, which is available from our release download page together with the release notes.

Executive Summary

LogicBlox 3.10.2 includes several new services, and some notable improvements to existing ones:

  • New service for sending emails via SMTP as well as AWS Simple Email Service.
  • New password management services that allow users to change and reset their own passwords.
  • Tabular Data Exchange (TDX) now supports a number of error reporting options, including recording which rows failed to meet the criteria for import, and why, as well as the option to abort transaction on invalid rows.
  • Security patch to ServiceBlox ensures that an authenticated user for one realm can only access services configured for that realm.

Other highlights of LogicBlox 3.10.2 include syntax for float and decimal numerical literals; support for custom loggers in batch specification; and performance and robustness improvements in the core engine and the ConnectBlox server.

We hope you will enjoy working with this release!

The LogicBlox Team.


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