LogicBlox, Platform and Language: a Tutorial

Datalog is the mathematical foundation to LogiQL, the LogicBlox query language. We here take a keen interest in fostering continued academic research in Datalog. After successfully co-organizing and sponsoring the Datalog 2.0 – 2010 held at Oxford University, LogicBlox again participated in Datalog 2.0 – 2012 with a tutorial on LogicBlox.

Abstract The modern enterprise software stack — a collection of applications supporting bookkeeping, analytics, planning, and forecasting for enterprise data — is in danger of collapsing under its own weight. The task of building and maintaining enterprise software is tedious and laborious; applications are cumbersome for end-users; and adapting to new computing hardware and infrastructures is difficult. We believe that much of the complexity in today’s architecture is accidental, rather than inherent. This tutorial provides an overview of the LogicBlox platform, an ambitious redesign of the enterprise software stack centered around a unified declarative programming model, based on an extended version of Datalog.


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